Project Overview

To give online traders an Internet application that inspires effective trading and creates a mechanism for traders to communicate more effectively and engage in collaborative learning.

This social trading platform is an excellent example of an Enterprise2 (Social Software) application that’s aligned with New Media Labs’ ambition to facilitate conversation between clients and their market.

Active live-trades are linked to a users profile and the user profile is ranked within the community. Blogs, Forums, FAQs are linked to various instruments.

Strategy: Investec, New Media Labs and Stonewall

Build: New Media Labs

Design: Stonewall+

Application Goals

  • Light on bandwidth to enable trading from remote locations
  • Maintain individual privacy and security
  • Allow traders to expose essential information to communicate with one another

Solution Overview

  • Enterprise Web 2.0 portal for securities traders at Investec
  • Blogs, Forums, FAQs form the Enterprise Web2.0 components
  • Web2.0 components are tied to the business model of securities trading by relating discussion and collaboration to shares, sectors, asset classes and portfolio managers
  • Follow or be followed by members of the community. The system notifies the user of people who are similar to you based on trading style or shares held in your watch list
  • By following the best performing traders you can emulate their strategy
  • Notifications are based on the actions of the members and communities you follow - for example, a user comments on a blog or posts to a forum
  • The application should be first to market, necessitating rapid development

High Level Functional Requirements:

  • Illustrate high level components of the system via a landing page
  • RSS news updates from high profile financial websites
  • Forums
  • Blog component with related media (videos and photos)
  • Shares watch lists
  • Navigation controls
  • Top performing members
  • Full market activity landing page
  • Full video support
  • Poll system
  • User profile with editable fields
  • My notifications
  • My network
  • Community members
  • Portfolio managers page
  • People like me – Investment style
  • People like me - Similar watch lists


Silverlight formed the front end for the Rich Internet Application, Microsoft Web Service Software Factory (modelling edition) WCF service layer and Microsoft Repository Factory for Middle Tier and Stored Procedure Framework.


API: Microsoft Web Service Software Factory and WCF (Windows Communication Framework)

Middle Tier coded using – Microsoft Repository Factory as the Create Replace Update Delete (CRUD) had to be facilitated through custom stored procedures.

Front End: Rich Internet Application facilitated through Microsoft Silverlight. 

Domain Model

A complex association of shared instruments to asset classes and sectors. These are then linked to accounts. Each share can be linked to a blog post/forum thread. Trades and trade notification are also included in the model.

(The following diagram only illustrates the high level classes and their aggregation entities. [Associations, Aggregations, Compositions, Dependancies and Inheritance have not been illustrated for the sake of simplicity])

Registration - Investec Securities Online profile had to be linked to a community profile. Once complete the profile is linked to the Investec Enterprise Single Sign-On mechanism.


Market Activity - allows users to view top performing portfolios across adjustable timelines; most active traders and trading activity with drill down options into profiles.


Forums framework - capable of complex interlinking across multiple financial instruments with back-office moderation.

Blogging framework - blog posts, blog categories, trading instruments linking, tag cloud, archives and different search and filter mechanisms to support portfolio manager content creation to initiate client conversations.



Like most Enterprise2.0 systems the platform is centred on your profile containing general information and activity as well as performance over time.

The RIA Silverlight application allows for easy timeline changes, and the ability to drill from a user’s Asset Classes into Sectors into Allocations.

The trade and activity notification timeline is a customisable feed according to pre-set filters covering shares bought, shares sold, blog comments, forum comments and member movements

Reputational scoring and associated watch lists are key determinant factors attributed to a user’s influence.

My Profile - Notifications: Imagine an activity feed similar to the activity feed in Facebook, except that in this instance all the information relates to trades that are taking place on the site. You have the ability to filter your feed by Shares Bought, Shares Sold, Blog Comments, Forum Comments and Member movements. 

My Profile – News Feeds: Add RSS feeds from the top securities trading news portals. 

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