Project Overview

This is the public facing platform to one of the largest fund management companies in South Africa.

The major objective of the website is to provide financial planners with timeous information on a daily basis and provide an area where they can easily access multiple sections of information.

NGI Home page


The technologies used include:

  • MVC 3
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Unity
  • JQuery


The website has been built on top of our core Content Management System (NML CMS). 

Our NML CMS uses a tiered architecture and object oriented design.

  • Data Access Layer
    • SQL Database
    • Entity Framework
  • Business Layer
    • NML CMS
      • Content Manager to create, store and edit content. Also allows moving content between states such as draft, published and archived
      • Media Manager to upload and delete images and documents.
      • User Manager to create, remove and modify users as well as their roles in the application.


The home page is clean, simple, splitting their audience by using content blocks below a slider which shows the latest news / downloads relating to Nedgroup Investments.

Custom CMS development allows Nedgroup Investments to easily upload the latest fund and portfolio prices to return information on the front-end for financial planners.

Factsheets are a key resource required by the Nedgroup Investment customers. These are managed and uploaded via a custom CMS interface.

NGI pricing

Internationalisation is enabled on certain menu items to tailor the experience for international clients.

The Invest With Us Wizard is designed to help users find applicable forms for personal detail changes, withdrawal of funds, new funds, etc. Using simple segmentation the user is guided to the appropriate forms.

NGI Invest

The resource library allows clients to access all available documents. Multiple items from multiple categories can be selected for download in a zip folder format.

Nedgroup Investments strives to educate their clients on unit trusts and investing to the public sector. As legislation dictates that they are not allowed to sell in any form the solution is a CMS driven page called Investment Basics and an Investment Questions page to help potential clients make the right decision.

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