Project Overview

WeLove’s iPhone app is built off a set of libraries that can be reused for client applications.

WeLove is a location focused, community driven app, aggregating content based on user activity and community opinion and building reputation through interaction.

WeLove is aimed at discovering and sharing places and experiences, and often users are mobile when they encounter something they want to share. The goal of the WeLove iPhone app is to put WeLove in users’ pockets.

All the content is shared via the WeLove website and iPhone App to social media platforms.

Project Complexity

The challenge is to distill the wealth of information available on WeLove in a manner that can be coherently consumed and displayed on a device that has limited screen realty.

The app uses seamless integration with social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook by leveraging native Twitter iOS Framework, and using the Facebook iOS SDK.

WeLove is an implementation of NML’s Lenticular framework. The Lenticular framework is a constantly evolving and a highly adaptive social networking framework.

  • On top of providing the standard functionality for social networking, the Lenticular framework implements intelligent design complexity that allows the framework to be used for different applications as needed. For example, every visual element is an Asset
  • With this low level design, a user can Love a Coffee shop the same way they Love a comment on a review. The Assets are recorded in a SQL Server database and fields are applied to allow for different call to actions for different Assets, depending on the application of the framework. With the WeLove implementation, you can Love, Unlove or review a review (i.e. comment), but you can’t review another user’s profile.

Service Layer

The WeLove iPhone app communicates with the WeLove server via SOAP or REST services.


The WeLove iPhone app is written as a native iOS application, which promotes responsiveness in its UI and interaction and communication with the WeLove infrastructure.


The WeLove iPhone app allows users to interact with the WeLove community from their iPhone.


The app allows users to register for a WeLove account, or to use their Twitter or Facebook accounts to join WeLove.

User settings

Once logged in, a user can change global app settings, including whether to post to Facebook and Twitter, the style of map to use as default, and whether to receive the WeLove newsletter.

They can also view Frequently Asked Questions, and tap through to their Profile screen.

Home Screen

The Home screen displays the most recent activities, either across All niches, or filtered according to a specific niche, selected by the user.

Map Screen

The Map provides a geo-located interface where users can view assets and locations by niche in the context of their immediate surroundings, or by browsing the map. Icons denote assets, these icons hyperlink to the asset’s landing page.

The Map view also allows users to add new assets, by dropping a map pin to initiate the process of adding an asset.

Loved and Recent Activity screens

The Loved screen shows the most recent Love/Unlove Activities.

The Recent Activity screen shows recently added assets.

From either of these screens, a user can tap through to a specific asset’s details. Using the Niche picker, a user can switch between niches to jump to Activities in other areas of interest.

Search screen

The Search screen allows a user to perform a search for a specific asset, and if found, tap through to that asset’s details.

Asset Detail screen

The Asset Detail screen displays information for a location as well as WeLove community information for the location. It also allows the user to interact with the location and share the location via Twitter and Facebook.

The Asset Detail screen further displays existing user reviews, where a user can add a new review or comment on an existing review, as well as allowing the user to upload images of the asset.

User Profile screen

The User Profile screen allows users to get to know members of the WeLove community. The screen displays some personal information, Love Points total, an About Me and Interests detail section and the Niches the user is a member of.

The User Activity screen

The User Activity screen lists a User’s WeLove activity, and can be filtered according to All, Loves, Reviews and Added groupings.

A user can also edit the information displayed on their Profile screen via the Edit Profile screen.

Social Media

The WeLove iPhone app has deep Social Media integration with Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to share their activities (adding new assets, Loving/Unloving, rating and reviewing assets) on the social media platforms they select.

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